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    AccessProbe 1.8.9 (C)Copyright 1999-2003 DGS All Rights Reserved By using this software you release DGS from all liability relating to this product.




    Standard or extended apache log files Perl 5.004 or greater
    Read access to your log files -
    Write access to clean log (not required)

    1. Unzip to any directory (we suggest an empty dir named accessprobe), and upload to your server. Most servers will only execute scripts located in the cg-bin directory. If your server is configured this way upload the accessprobe directory to your cgi-bin directory. When placing AccessProbe in the cgi-bin directory you will need to move the APimage dir to a web directory.
    2. chmod index.cgi to 0755
    3. In order to use the clean function, chmod your log dir and access log to 0744
    4. run index.cgi from your web browser and follow the instructions.

    Note. On some servers you might need to chmod the accessprobe and data dirs to 0777 instead of 0755 if you continue to receive a data dir or config permissions error you can delete the data dir and AccessProbe will create it for you with proper permissions.
    Permissions Overview [accessprobe] - (0755) readable/writable/executable accessprobe/index.cgi - (0755) readable/writable/executable [log] - (0744) readable/writable log/logfile - (0744) readable/writable [accessprobe/data] - (0744) readable/writable accessprobe/data/config.db - (0744) readable/writable If index.cgi does not run in your web browser you probably need to change the path to perl. To find the path to perl on your server telnet in and type which perl. Open index.cgi and change the first line to reflect the path to perl on your server.
    #!path2perl normally this will be one of the following. #!/usr/bin/perl #!/usr/local/bin/perl That should be it, now run index.cgi from your browser and follow the instructions. Enjoy! If you are having problems with AccessProbe please contact