Psion 5 - the best palmtop with keyboard
DAT - Digital Audio Tape

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Homepage of Ulrich Hornstein (banner)

from Freiburg, Germany

My local atomic clock time: (C) and thanks to Kira Stöwe

These pages serve some of my hobbies: Water Rockets (WR), Psion palmtop computers and DAT recording.

Launch reports, ideas and construction tips (for the water rockets) will be published here, as well as new programs (for the Psion).

Please see my G u e s t b o o k. If you like my pages (or not), consider to make an entry!

Just press the buttons on the left to transfer to the appropriate section.


"Small print"

  1. Since the audience (vidience?) is mainly international, these pages are written in English.
  2. Note the two arrows   and (to top/bottom of page).
  3. No frames are used - even with a Psion 5 classic you can watch these pages.

German flag Falls Interesse an deutschsprachigen Seiten besteht, schreibt mir.  Oder benutzt den Dienst Babelfish zu einer "Übersetzung", die allerdings oft Anlass zum Schmunzeln gibt:

Use Babelfish for "funny" translations of my site:

Have fun!

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